Talkeetna ATV  Offers a Narrated tour of Historic Talkeetna, an off-road trip to a Remote Homestead, lunch, target practice and gold panning.

Drive an ATV

On this adventure, you'll drive an ATV, also called Quads or 4-Wheelers, or enjoy a ride in a modern ATV-drawn covered wagon though beautiful downtown Talkeetna and up an all-terrain trail to a historic homestead.

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Ready for AdventureGuests ready to head out on all terrain vehicles and covered wagon

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Enjoy your Talkeetna visit!

Nagley's Store is a 100-year old store in Historic Talkeetna

Historic Talkeenta Store.

German Shepard rides on ATV

Bosco, Dennis' German Shepherd, enjoys riding along with the ATV tour.

Historic Talkeetna

Your adventure starts as you drive your ATV to the Talkeetna Village Airstrip. Here you will learn some of the highlights and lore of Historic Talkeetna.

Quads starting across the railroad bridge

We depart Talkeetna and cross the Talkeetna River.

All terrain vehicles crossing the bridge

We made it!

Watch for moose along the trail.

Bull moose along the ATV trail

Remote Homestead

We ride five scenic miles on ATV-only trails to DeVore's family homestead.

A great ride on an all terrain trail

This is a rare opportunity to visit an original Alaskan Homestead, view the original cabin, various implements and tools used by the early day pioneers. Your guide relates to you the hardships and challenges faced during their first winters.

ATVs arrive at historic homestead

The old 1959 homestead buildings are where the DeVore family lived their first years in Alaska.


Next, it is lunch at Dennis' personal cabin on Wiggle Creek at the back quarter of the homestead. After lunch, you'll have time to target practice.

Target practicing at the historic homestead

You may gold pan on Wiggle Creek or relax with a game of horseshoes, croquette or pick berries (depending on the season).

Finding gold at the homestead

Checking the gold pan for gold flakes.

Moose at the pond

Moose at Dennis' cabin

Enjoy the off-road Wilderness

The fresh air, the silent serenity of the forest and the murmur of Wiggle Creek takes you a million miles away. There is a possibility of seeing Alaska wildlife including bears, fox, moose, bald eagles and wild birds.

Bring your camera

Beautiful fall landscape near Talkeetna, Alaska

Fall colors at Dennis' cabin.

Majestic views of Denali when riding along the ATV trail

Weather permitting, you will have an excellent opportunity to capture photos of Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinley) and Alaska's wildlife.

Alaska ATV riding is a great activity for all the family. A real break from sitting in the car!

The whole family enjoys an ATV ride!


Your ATV Adventure

  • Mount your ATV at Denali Fireside

  • ATV Operation and Safety Instructions

  • Next stop the Village Airstrip

  • Your guide shares the history of Talkeetna

  • Then you'll fire up your ATVs and ride on through Historic Talkeetna

  • Cross the Talkeetna River and head for the Homestead

  • Story time at the DeVore Homestead, learn about the hardships of homesteading

  • On to Dennis' cabin for lunch, target practice, gold panning, berry picking or relaxing

  • And then it's back to Talkeetna, Alaska

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How do I make reservations?

Fill out reservation form. Dennis will email you back.

How long is the tour?

It's about a 3 to 4 hour tour. Tour duration depends on the number of riders. The time can be lengthened or shortened based on your schedule.

What time of day do you start tours?

The usual tour schedule is 10:00am and 4:00pm departures. However, if you are a large party, please call me at 907-351-3914 and we can schedule a departure time to fit your needs.

Do you furnish rain clothes?

Yes. We also have boots, hats and sun glasses for your use. We have helmets available.

What do we need to bring?

Layered clothes are good for warmth. Long-sleeved shirts will protect your arms from scratches. Tennis shoes are ok, hiking boots are better. And be sure to bring your camera as we might see Alaska wildlife and, if the weather cooperates, you will be able to capture images of Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinley).

Do you furnish a meal?

Yes, sandwiches are provided for lunch. See the lunch menu. Soft drinks and water are available.

Do I get my own 4-wheeler (ATV)?

Yes, depending on your ability.

Can two ride on one ATV?

Yes, it will be a little cozy and not as much fun.

What are the age limits to drive an ATV?

Youngest 14. Oldest depends on ability.

How many can ride in the covered wagon?

4 adults, more if you want to sit on each other's laps.

How many people can you take at time?

A minimum of two up to a maximum of 20 people. Average tours consist of 8 people.

Will we see wildlife?

Possibly, I have talked to the animals but they do not always cooperate. Eagles and moose are the most likely animals along the trail. Occasionally, we've seen a bear.


Don't have time for a tour? We offer ATV rides. You can drive an ATV on a guided 1-2 hour wilderness "ride" around and through the majestic hills of Talkeetna.

Rates and Terms

Historic ATV Tour includes lunch and tour guide
$220 per person (3-4 hours)
Tour duration depends on number of riders

Alaska ATV Wilderness Rides with tour guide
$110 per person (1-2 hours)
Ride duration depends on number of riders

Prices include tax and gear

To contact us or inquire about availability, please fill out the registration form.

To finalize a reservation, call
Dennis: 907-351-3914
Dana: 907-317-3750
Jessica: 907-947-7530

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Talkeetna welcome sign


View of Dennis' cabin and Wiggle Creek

Wiggle Creek and Dennis' Cabin

Guests with ATV and covered wagon at the homestead

Covered wagon and ATV at Dennis' cabin at the homestead

Celebrating a bullseye at the homestead target range

At the target range

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